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AAUP-SC Fall Conference Scheduled

The AAUP-SC Conference Fall Meeting has been schedule for November 14, 2020 from

9:45 AM – 2:00 PM On ZOOM. The guest speaker, Mr. Michael A. McGee with the Department of Organizing and Services at AAUP National, will be leading a discussion on “Strategic Advocacy Organizing." Complete agenda attached below.

We ask that chapters submit reports to Executive Council at or through the AAUP-SC Slack App. Please consider nominating yourself or another member for the positions in red on the agenda. We are in need of active participants in the state chapter to help keep us moving forward. Some names have been removed from the agenda below, but will be included in a chapter email which will be sent out later this week.


9:45 AM – 11:45 AM

1. Approval of Minutes from 2020 Spring Meeting (held July 1)

2. Conference Officers’ Reports (5 minutes total VP, Sect, Treas.)

3. Executive Summary of Conference Actions During Summer 2020 (5 minutes by Pres.)

4. Chapter Reports (2 Minutes Each/20 Minutes Total and Submitted to Exec. Council by Nov. 7 for review)

5. Committee Reports: (10 minutes total)

a. Committee A:

i. Grievance Hearing regarding denial of Tenure and Promotion at Coastal Carolina University.

ii. Grievance Hearing at Coastal Carolina University

b. Tabled Efforts Due to COVID-19


ii. Presidential Search

iii. Equity Week

6. Old Business

Break 5 Minutes

7. New Business (See Article 9 – Committees p. 2 for ref.)

a. Need for VP/Communications Officer OR ad hoc committee (2-3 volunteers)

b. Proposed Changes to Bylaws (need ad hoc committee to present)

c. AAUP National Election and SC Conference Vote

d. Administrative Overreach Portal (Google Webpage Model for Chapters)

e. 2020 – 2021 Calendar

i. January 9 State Conference ZOOM before classes

ii. March 20 Spring State Meeting Zoom

Break 11:45 AM – Noon

8. Guest Speaker: Mr. Michael A. McGee, Organizer, Department of Organizing and Services, AAUP National: “Strategic Advocacy Organizing Initiative with the Chapters of the University of South Carolina System”

9. Adjourn


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