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AAUP-SC ACTION JUNE 2020: Contact Officials Regarding accelerate-SC and H.R. 6800

Legislative discussions connected to higher education funding are taking place now at the state and national level. AAUP-SC members should consider adding their voice to those discussions.

Click the links below to find sample letters and contact information for your Governor, State Legislators, and national Senators and Representatives. (Links open as Word documents for ease of editing)

Upcoming Legislation:

At the State level, the Governor’s Taskforce and accelerateSC are in continuing discussions over the distribution of $1.9 billion in COVID – 19 Aid to our state. The General Assembly is now scheduled to return in mid to late June to decide how the $1.9 billion will be distributed with recommendations from the Governor and the accelerateSC Resources Team. Their decisions will be critical for the financial future of public education in South Carolina.

At the Federal level, there is H.R. 6800, the “Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions” Act ($3 trillion) relief package in discussions in the House that may come before the Senate, proposing further relief for distribution at the national and state levels. Funding for Health Care, Safety, Telecommunications, Direct Relief for Individuals, and further State and Local Aid are some areas addressed. This funding affects the survival and well-being of Higher Education employees directly and indirectly, as additional relief monies to State and Local Aid could allow the General Assembly to allocate more of the $1.9 billion to education as the fiscal year progresses.


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