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2019 State AAUP Fall Conference Meeting to be held on Saturday, September 21

The 2019 Fall Conference Meeting will be held at U of SC Columbia on Saturday, September 21 from 10 am to 4 pm. All state members are invited to participate. 

The meeting will be held on Columbia's campus in

Wardlaw College  Room 126 820 Main Street Columbia, SC 29201, USA

Please RSVP if attending to the Doodle Poll linked below by Sept. 16 

Fall 2019 SC State Conference Meeting Agenda

*Welcome (Beverages and Continental Breakfast) *Recognition of New Chapters and New Members *COLA (Merit Pay) *Equity Week*Lunch (walk up to 3 min. to Tios Cantina) *New Chapter Reports/Updates *Reports from National and Summer Institute*Business Meeting —Spring Minutes —Exec/Committee Reports —Old Business —New Business (Action’s/Activities, Awards, 2020 Spring and Fall Meetings) *Adjourn

Please join us for an active day of discussing higher education, academic freedom, and faculty governance in our state.


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