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U of SC Faculty Votes "No Confidence" in Board of Trustees after Presidential Search

On October 2, 2019 the Faculty Senate of the University of South Carolina voted "No Confidence" in the "Board of Trustees (BOT) as it is currently constituted."

The Faculty Senate states that this vote of no confidence is the result of BOT violations of SACSCOC principles, the BOT's own bylaws, of the U of SC and Equal Opportunity Employment (EOP) policies for recruitment, the SC state employee code of conduct, and the Carolinian creed during the election of Robert Caslen as President of the U of SC University system. The U of SC Faculty Senate also states that documents released by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in response to SACSCOC inquiries have revealed several trustees in violation of "laws, bylaws, and policies, including soliciting

and exerting 'undue external influence'" and "advancing personal agendas."

The full document, found here, will be shared to the National AAUP as part of a continuing investigation into issues of shared governance and academic freedoms associated with the recent U of SC Presidential search.


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