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Board of Trustees Vote for U of SC President

Today the U of SC Board of Trustees voted 8-11 (1 present) to name Robert Caslen the next President of the U of SC. The vote was triggered by Governor McMaster’s call for board members to vote for Caslen despite its earlier decision to reopen the search. Prior to the vote, the U of SC Senate passed a vote of No Confidence in Caslen; both the National AAUP and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS, U of SC’s accrediting body) issued warnings about McMaster’s interference in the search; and a newly formed U of SC AAUP chapter, along with faculty, students, and community groups, organized a high profile opposition.

While disappointed in the board’s decision, the AAUP-SC is proud of our members’ contributions to the cause and continue to support U of SC faculty and students as they signal their commitment to the principles of shared governance and academic freedom. Currently, we are working with the U of SC faculty senate and AAUP chapter as they respond to the vote.

We hope AAUP members across the state will use this opportunity to highlight to their colleagues the need for faculty advocacy in SC and to strengthen their chapters.

Please keep an eye on the AAUP-SC facebook page ( ) and website ( for updates and for details of the Fall AAUP SC State Conference Meeting, which will be held on the U of SC campus on September 21. Please mark the date on your calendars and plan to attend.


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