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AAUP of SC Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

SC-AAUP Members,

Greetings. I hope you and yours are safe and well.

First, let us remember those courageous frontline workers throughout our nation and our state who daily risk their wellbeing to aid others. Their commitment to giving us critical care and to meeting our daily needs allows us all to live and work as we are able. We remain grateful for their selfless service to our communities. May they all stay well and safe.

Covid-19 has challenged educational systems and standards in a manner our generations have never confronted. Students and faculties are experiencing extreme stresses upon their learning, research, examination, and assessment structures. These challenges also have affected faculty shared governance procedures and decision-making processes for this school year and the next. Of very great concern are the financial burdens and uncertainties pressed upon us all, which will require fiscally wise and compassionate decisions from our university and government leaderships. How can we stay informed, engaged, and in touch?

Although the 2020 National AAUP Conference and Biennial Meeting have been postponed in part (a paper ballot mail-in election will take place) and the AAUP Summer Institute has been cancelled, AAUP National continues to offer opportunities to stay informed and engaged through a variety of online opportunities. On April 16, Julie Schmidt, Executive Director, linked many of these in an email you should have received. We encourage you to take part in those webinars, blogs, and updates throughout the summer. If you did not receive the email, please find it posted in the AAUP-SC website for your convenience.

Additionally, although your AAUP-SC Executive had to cancel our spring meeting at Furman University, we will be working to help you stay informed and engaged in this ongoing situation. Please go to our website for updates and information on teleconference meetings we are planning after the completion of the spring semester. To date, the National AAUP lists our SC membership as having risen over 30% since Fall 2019 and we are encouraged by this surge of participation.

Please use our website ( , Facebook page ( , or email ( to stay in touch with questions, concerns, or ideas that will enhance our commitment SC higher education and to each other as colleagues and friends.

We will work together and survive the crises we are facing, and we will renew our fight for academic freedom and shared governance in the Palmetto State.

AAUP-SC Executive

J. Mark Blackwell, President

Amanda Warren, Vice President

David Bruzina, Secretary

Shawn Smolen-Morton, Treasurer

Brandon Inabinet, Past President


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