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AAUP of SC Weighs in on Coastal Carolina Tenure Revocation of Dr. Daniel Cross Turner

Members of the American Association of University Professors of South Carolina voted unanimously at the Spring 2018 AAUP South Carolina Conference to raise concerns with the National AAUP regarding due process and adherence to University regulations and bylaws in the tenure revocation of Dr. Daniel Cross Turner from Coastal Carolina University.

The AAUP of SC President, Dr. J. Mark Blackwell, also wrote a letter to Dr. David A. DeCenzo, Coastal Carolina University President, regarding several areas of concern brought up by AAUP of SC members, including:

  • an imposition of confidentiality agreement on Dr. Blackwell, who served as an AAUP observer at Dr. Turner's dismissal hearing in September 2017

  • concerns about the initial notification of termination which violated CCU's own Faculty Manual for Forfeiture of Tenure and Termination for Cause

  • concerns about the lack of adherence to CCU's procedures guiding the provost and Faculty Welfare Committee of the Senate which prohibited Dr. Turner's attendance at the scheduled meeting thereby denying him due process and representation according to CCU's Faculty Manual

  • the disregard for and overturning of CCU's Promotion and Tenure Committee's unanimous exoneration of Dr. Turner of all accusations leading to his termination

President DeCenzo responded on May 9th that the position of the AAUP of SC is based on disputed information and due to pending civil action by Dr. Turner he has been counseled not to comment on the matter.

We are providing the following links to President Blackwell's letter to President Cenzo and President Cenzo's response . AAUP of SC members are invited to discuss Dr. Turner's termination, the contents of the AAUP-SC letter, and President Cenzo's response in our forum on this website. President Blackwell will be addressing the matter at the AAUP National Conference this summer and we will publish an update at that time.

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