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Major Changes Ratified at Spring 2015 Meeting

The South Carolina Conference of the AAUP conducted the Spring 2015 Assembly on Saturday, March 28th, at Furman University. Furman Hall was the venue for the meeting. A beautiful Spring day, with Furman's fountains and flowers on display, greeted AAUP members gathering from across the state. After socializing over delicious edibles, members shared information from their respective campuses. Of special interest was Brandon Inabinet's report on a meeting of several presidents of AAUP conferences in the southeast region.

Following an ample and delicious lunch, the assembly conducted business. Minutes of the previous meeting, at CCU, were approved, as was the report on the status of the treasury. The affirmative results of the recent vote on establishing a new Constitution and ByLaws were presented by Professor Inabinet. By consensus, a modification was agreed to regarding term of office. Although the new bylaws specify two-year terms for each of the four elected officers, initially the offices of president and treasurer will be for three years. Thus the election to be held in 2017 will not result in a replacement of all elected members of the Executive Council at the same time.

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