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AAUP-SC Spring Conference Update: To Be Held Online

Taking into account various reactions to and concerns with the Corona Virus, the South Carolina Conference of the American Association of University Professors will hold this spring’s business meeting virtually and postpone elections until the fall meeting.

We will adjust the agenda appropriately to include:

1. Approval of the minutes;

2. Reports from Officers;

3. Reports from chapters;

4. An update from the Presidential Search Committee;

5. COLA (Merit Raise) Committee Report;

6. Pressing discussion about the impact of and planning for the virus.

We cannot conduct elections online.

Reports should be abbreviated to accommodate a virtual meeting.

As of now, the plan is to meet via Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Details will be forthcoming and communicated here and via member email.

We very much appreciate the hard work and hospitality already extended by our colleagues at Furman University, and regret missing both.


Your Executive Committee


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